Whats LinkedIn Profile of a Gaming “Higher Up” Look Like?

I thought I’d take a look at what some of these “higher up” had on their LinkedIn profiles. I think that for us to understand how games are created by these companies, I think we need to understand their journey. I mean, it’s kind of like a video game too. Only it’s real people, and there are less monsters, killing, and stuff. Today I will be Looking at Alistair McNally.

Alistair McNally. Alistair McNally has over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. Talk about a jack of all trades. This guy has literally done so many different things in the gaming industry. Right now he is a Senior Direct, and works in Creative Development at BioWare Edmonton & Montreal. He has definitely worked in many different positions in management and art. He has a Director of Art and Animation for BioWare. He was a Studio Art Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeHe worked as a Producer for Electronic Arts, has been a Lead Artist more than once. These are just a small glimpse at the amazing jobs he has had.

I believe that to be able to work in the gaming industry, you have to be able to be like Alistair McNally. No, I don’t mean have all these super crazy awesome jobs, but having a drive and willingness to do a lot of things that maybe aren’t familiar with right away. I also think that valuing what you do, and having the confidence to move up in the company is a huge factor as well.

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What Bioware is doing Right with Dragon Age Fans

One of many amazing Fan Friday Photos

One of many amazing Fan Friday Photos

What I makes Bioware one of the coolest and most respected (in my mind) companies on social media, is all the photos they share that their FANS send it. I think it’s one of the best things that can be done. It shows that the company cares, and plus, it makes us (me) want to view the page.

Fan Friday. Fan Friday highlights all of the coolest things that we (the fan) have to show, every Friday. Sometimes Fan Friday is cool tattoos like them one on this post. Other times it’s cosplays of all of the best and most favored characters of the game. My personal favorites on Fan Friday are the tattoos. They are really unique, and creative. PLUS, I can enjoy them without having to get one. That’s a huge plus because needles hurt…. A lot…

Morrigan Monday. Morrigan Monday is a once a week photo highlight EVERYTHING that has to do with Morrigan. Morrigan Monday is an awesome day to experience fan-art of the fans. Other times it unique, and very creative Morrigan cosplays. Morrigan Monday brightens up my Monday, and makes it a little less horrible one photo at a time.

I think if Bioware did series like this across all of all of their games, and all of their social media profiles, they would do a whole lot better. What I mean by that is, they’d have a lot more fans seeing all of these amazing people. Maybe this would make them want to be one too.


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THIS VIDEO IS SO COOL! Why Old Republic Videos are Awesome!

Stars Wars: The Old Republic is one of my favorite MMO’s I will post the think at the bottom of this post if you would like to check it out. You definitely should. But what I think makes their videos so exciting is that they really set the tone for what is going on in the Star Wars universe at that time. They are full of action, and you kind of wish that they were full length feature films…. Well I do. Really bad… This is the trailer Bioware showed at E3 back in 2010. As of right now, this video has over 11 million views. So I guess I’m not the only one who liked it. Or I watched it 11 million times (this is very possible).
1. Videos Start Off Slow. Many of The Old Republic trailers such as these really start of slow. They typically try to show the audience almost this stand still in history. Whether this stand still was a proud and not destroyed Alderaan, or a Dark Lord silently marching on the Jedi Temple.
2. One the Action Starts, it’s Constant. The action in this video, as well as The Old Republic’s other videos are really intense when it comes to action. The Jedi and Sith start fighting, it’s ON! The battles actually take up the majority of the time and are fun to watch.
3. Emotionally Involving the Audience. The Old Republic Videos get the audience to feel many different types of ways. In in this video they want to inspire you are the end. But in other videos, they want you to feel sad or angry. Regardless, they get you to keep watching more.
Bioware knows have to create a good video. Many of their Old Republic videos have millions of views. And I think it’s only up from here.


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The Quest of a Thousand GameStops


I love my GameStop. They offer great customer services, they know what games I like, and I can talk about World of Warcraft with them without being secretly judged. But one thing I want to know is, what GameStop is the best? And why is it the best GameStop. So for the future, I have put together this quest to see which GameStop is the best.

I love my GameStop. They offer great customer services, they know what games I like, and I can talk about World of Warcraft with them without being secretly judged. But one thing I want to know is, what GameStop is the best? And why is it the best GameStop. So for the future, I have put together this quest to see which GameStop is the best.

1.       Checking-in. For this “quest”, I want to check-in at every GameStop across the country. Checking-in is a Foursquare geotag that shows people that you visited somewhere fun, and if you think other people should go.
2.       I have a SYSTEM! At every GameStop I go to, I will be looking for several games. Each store must have Pokémon Pearl Version. I then need a copy of Mario Striker. Lastly, I need Dragon Age: Origins. For the GameStop to even be considered, they must have all three in stock!
3.       Let’s talk World of Warcraft. Every GameStop representative must “talk” World of Warcraft. I don’t mean its location in the store. They’d better know something about Azeroth, Draenor, the Burning Legion. Something!

The day that I start this quest, I will evaluate my own GameStop. I hope they pass because I really don’t want to have to find another one. (Secretly my GameStop is probably the best). Overall I think this “quest” will be a really fun experience. And if you want to try it out with your own local GameStops make sure you check-in and let me know if they pass!

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Solitude is Confusing. Better punch myself in the face.


Now let me start off by saying, I decided that it would be interesting to see what it would be like to sit in a room for 30 minutes with no technology. I also completed this along. Let me just describe where I was. I was in a small living room type area with a TVs everywhere, AND painted hand prints on the wall. Yeah I know, strange. I figured that it would be best for me to share what not having technology made me think of.

1. Wow I have so much homework to do.

2. Did you know you have homework due?

3. Why am I so hungry today?

4. I can’t be hungry, I eat like 20 minutes ago.

5. So hungry…

6. That orange hand print looks cool.

7. Looking at it upside down makes it look 3-D.

8. All of the hand prints look 3-D.

9. Am I still hungry?

10. Yes.

11. Why don’t Shakira’s hips lie?

12. They have definitely not told the truth before.

13. Those hips are a mountain of lies.

14. I have to stay up all night and do homework.

15 PFFT! Like that’s going to happen.

20. Oh my god this is taking forever.

21. There are people that do this all the time.

22. I can do this.

23. I can’t do this. I miss the internet.

24. It’s okay, I must be almost done.

25. Only 25 more minutes…

26. I’m going to die in this room by myself.

27. It’s really dark in here all of a sudden.

28. Guaranteed Slender man is going to show up.

29 Does he do that if you think about him?

30. No, I think that’s Bloody Mary.

31. Oh great, now she’s going to show up.

32. It would be terrible if Blood Mary showed up.

33. I’m going to continue thinking about how terrible that would be.

34. I wish I could play Pokémon X or Y.

35. But if I buy them, then I can’t pay for my phone.

36. If I don’t have a phone I can’t talk to my friends.

37. That’s okay, I don’t want to talk to them anyway.

38. I can be friends with my Pokémon.

39. We will be best friends.

40. Who needs real life friends?

41. Maybe I shouldn’t get Pokémon after all.

42. I wonder if that Fried Chicken place is still open.

43. They deliver too, that’s pretty cool.

44.  Now I’m hungry again.

45. It’s okay, I can get the chicken.

46. I’ve been walking around and stuff a lot.

47. It is so quiet in this room, that I can literally hear my hair growing.

48. I wish I could describe the sound.

49. It’s a horrible sound.

50. This is what Hell sounds like….

The funny thing is about this list, 99.9% of this is legitimately what I thought of. Definitely give 30 minutes with no technology a try. You’d be amazing by what you think up.



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World of Warcraft increased my Brain size in less then 1 month! Here’s How!!!!!

So one thing I noticed about myself is that I’m really good at learning things because of “WoW.” I guess it’s because I find it necessary to learn everything possible about the game and how to play it, before I actually go and play it. This has definitely helped me in school too. I find reading my books doesn’t “as horrible.” Here is what I think is happening.

We watch how it goes. Do you know how man “fights” I had to learn on YouTube. I feel like I am not the only one out there who did it either. See, people like me, we aren’t the “test it out” kind of people. We are the “Spectators”. We are waiting and watching to see what everyone else is doing. I did this because when I learned the “fights” and then played, I seemed a lot cooler, and was perceived as a natural as the game. YouTube will always being my best friend when learning the fights. Hey, all you people making those videos are the best. If you didn’t, well I guess you’d have to deal with me messing up your group. I’m still going…

I can retain information better now, because to play “WoW” the way I wanted to, I had to study hard. It’s a game, it’s not all fun and games.

I guess I can go. However, when my guild invited me to go into raids with them, of course I’m not going to say no. See, I’m also a “Joiner”. I’ll definitely go and help, and be a part of the whole experience if ask me. But I will never instigate the raid. I’m not that guy who’s taking down Garrosh for server fist. But hey, I’ll go if you want.

I am never that guy to make the groups in class, but I’m that guy who gets into the best groups in class. Just saying.

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Why World of Warcraft Entertains me on Twitter

So as you may or may not know about me, is the fact that I enjoy (am addicted to) a little World of Warcraft. If you don’t know what World of Warcraft is, you should really consider checking it out. In a nutshell, it’s basically every political system that ever existed in the history of man. With elves and stuff… Anyway, on my news feed, I always check out was World of Warcraft has to say.

There is something different every single day. The World of Warcraft Twitter page is the only place where I can go to see a cartoon panda person punching a shark in the face. I’m serious, this picture actually exists. I love this because every day is something different. They want me to look at their stuff. Any company that takes the initiative to not advertise at me, and take the time to engage in the “conversation”, will always have my vote.

I am always updated with the game and current events. I really hate it when I get out of class and go to my dorm with the intent to play “WoW”, only to find out the game is offline. I can’t stand it. I guess I wasn’t the only one either. So now they tweet abut all of the issues with servers, and statuses. Now I can be angry before I even leave class, simply by checking my phone. I find this useful though. I find it easier to alleviate anger about down servers before I plan to play, then when I am committed to playing and then finding out.

Blizzard, all I want to say is, keep doing what you are doing. But just as a heads up, my Pandaren had better be able to punch that rare spawn elite “whale shark” looking “Evermaw”. You have two weeks…

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